About Paul

I am a student affairs professional who believes that the work I do is inextricably a part of the success of college students I serve and the institutions I am and have been a part of.
I did my undergraduate work in Political Science and Criminal Justice at Indiana University. While there, I worked with the IU Auditorium, IU RPS, The GLBTSSS Speaker’s Bureau, and IU Campus Recreational Sports.

With graduation looming, I found myself a graduate student in the Higher Education Student Affairs program at Indiana University. Ever since my first day of grad school I have sought to make meaning of my experiences and work to define myself by my internal values and not by what was going on around me. Yes, this means that I am a HUGE fan of Marcia Baxter Magolda.
After graduating from graduate school, I found my way to Colorado College and for 5 years I served as a mentor, support, socially just advocate, residential life coordinator, facilitator of social justice programs, member and chair of the AIMHO Diversity & Social Justice Committee, and a chief conduct officer.

I now have the opportunity to be a part of Texas A&M University-Central Texas as the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Deputy Title IX Coordinator where I have learned and continue to learn to capitalize on my strengths: learner, intellection, input, context, and analytical. I have also had the opportunity to lead aspects of Student Affairs for which I have strong passions: student conduct, recreational sports, student & civic engagement, and new student programs and orientation. I am also engaging in the Ph.D. journey at Texas A&M University and will utilize this blog as a way to process and share my thoughts surrounding student affairs and higher education administration and the journey of learning to be Dean.

Bio: Click here.


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